Jennie C. Jones, Absorb/Diffuse at the Kitchen

Excerpt/ Jennie C. Jone’s “Absorb/Diffuse” is an exploration of graphic notation as an immersive sensory experience. The show, exhibited the Kitchen in New York from 8 September to 29 October, includes two works: a series of paintings using absorbed and diffuser panels entitled Acoustic Paintings (2011) and a sound composition, From The Low (2011), broadcast through the gallery on a four channel sound system. Motivated by the notable lack of African-Americans in the modernist canon, Jones sees her practice as an attempt to draw out the parallels between the march of modernist art in the 20th century, especially in the United States, and the developments of avant garde jazz during this same period. Both movements share a focus on abstraction and stripped down, minimalist forms — approaches central to much of Jones’s work.

— “Jennie C. Jones, Absorb/Diffuse” The Wire, November 2011, pg. 81