go to link Lecture series at New York University from 2009-2011, co-organized with Michael Gallope (Music); Amy Cimini (Music); Ceci Moss (Comparative Literature); Daniel Hoffman-Schwartz (Comparative Literature); Magali Armillas-Tiseyra (Comparative Literature)

go here http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=discount-propecia-london Description “Music, Language, Thought” is an on-going series of interdisciplinary events organized by the departments of Music and Comparative Literature at New York University. This collaboration expands upon and formalizes existing cooperation between our departments, which has flourished over the last several years.

viagra online pharmacy Events take the form of presentations and discussions between scholars in Music and Literature. They aim to explore the zones of convergence between our departments’ respective areas of inquiry, largely in relation to questions of critical aesthetic theory: the relation between affect and politics, the sensible and reason, each considered across different forms of media and materiality.

Speakers: Eugene Thacker (New School), Frances Dyson (UC Davis), Thomas Y. Levin (Princeton University), Martin Harries (New York University), Tamara Levitz (UCLA), Ana María Ochoa (Columbia University), Gary Tomlinson (University of Pennsylvania), Myles Jackson (NYU), Fred Moten (Duke University), Maureen McLane (New York University), David Samuels (New York University), Carolyn Abbate (University of Pennsylvania), Brian Kane (Yale University), Bonnie Gordon (University of Virginia), David Copenhafer, John Hamilton (New York University), Mary Ann Smart (UC Berkeley), Jacques Lezra (New York University), Branden Joseph (Columbia University)