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Architecture and Computation with Keller Easterling and Erica Robles (Part of PROGRAM: Media and Literature at NYU)

I’m on the organizing committee for this new lecture series at NYU entitled PROGRAM: Media and Literature. Our first event “Architecture and Computation” with Keller Easterling and Erica Robles kicks off this Friday. Daniel Leyva […]

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Interview with Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon on Rhizome

I did an Artist Profile interview with Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon for Rhizome. She’s doing really interesting work that involves audio systems, architecture and the history of cybernetics. It was a real treat to interview her, […]

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  • Mahavishnu Orchestra – Resolution
  • Mahavishnu Orchestra – Resolution
  • Mahavishnu Orchestra – Dawn [Remastered]
  • Mahavishnu Orchestra – Birds Of Fire
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    The art world often seems to vacillate between money-fuelled complacency and a politics that is merely for show. London-based curator and activist BEN VICKERS stands outside this dichotomy as an inspiring advocate of a future-oriented progressive politics driven by networked forms of social organisation – a vision based less on idealism than on the search for practical responses to a pervasive crisis. Vickers is currently in south Italy testing the capacity for turning ideas into action at the prototype of unMonastery, a collaborative community project that takes inspiration from the history of monasticism. Spike’s ALEXANDER SCRIMGEOUR met Vickers in London, where, among much else, their conversation took in the differences between networks and institutions, the evolution of social change, the dangers of breaking things, a subjective micro-history of London’s post-Internet art scene, and a proposal for art to re-model itself on Nordic live-action role-play. (via Spike Art Quarterly - No. 39 / Spring 2014 - Talk)